A Special Message from Oakley Studio and PageCrafter

September 6, 2022

Today we are happy to announce that Oakley Studio has been acquired by another managed hosting firm — PageCrafter of Minneapolis, MN. For Oakley Studio clients, this means PageCrafter owner Brian Johnson will be your new webmaster, and will be taking on many of the same tasks that have been until now the responsibility of Oakley Studio webmaster Peter Oakley.

PageCrafter is similar in many ways to Oakley Studio, operating a service-based business managing domains, websites, and domain name email service for about four times as many client accounts as Oakley Studio, utilizing a small network of graphic designers, programmers, systems administrators, and WordPress technical specialists. Owner and webmaster Brian Johnson has been at the helm of PageCrafter since 2011. He is building a thriving business through word of mouth, business blogging, and networking.

As a result of this acquisition, Oakley Studio will continue operating as a wholly owned subsidiary of PageCrafter until all client resources have been migrated to new PageCrafter servers and hosting. We expect to accomplish these migrations with minimal interruption to ongoing managed services. PageCrafter is well positioned to receive you as a new client and continue with the ongoing online services you have come to rely on. 

Our top priority is to see that all Oakley Studio clients are able to continue operating their websites with as little disruption as possible, as we migrate online assets — websites, domains, DNS records and domain name email service — to PageCrafter web servers, support systems, and billing processes. We are pleased to be working with Brian, a very capable and experienced webmaster who has been building and hosting websites for over a decade.

Message from Peter Oakley:

      The sale of my business to PageCrafter fulfills a long-held goal of providing a “soft landing” for all my clients who I have come to know over a period of years, in some cases many years. Now I am 66 years young and looking forward to retirement. I will be working with Brian Johnson to migrate your websites and related online assets to PageCrafter, and we anticipate having all clients migrated by the end of this year, 2022.

       I believe your transition from Oakley Studio to PageCrafter will be trouble free. Of course Brian and I are committed to dealing with any issues that may arise, with the goal of keeping disruptions to a minimum. I’ll remain available for support and any Zoom coaching/training you may wish to schedule, until we’ve migrated your website and other services to PageCrafter. Once all Oakley Studio clients are newly situated with PageCrafter, I will be free to retire. Until then, we’ve still got some work to do!

Message from Brian Johnson:

      I’m very excited to work with you all! It has already been a pleasure working with Peter to get to know his business, and I truly believe we share the same values in our businesses and enthusiasm for quality service. 

      As a coder myself, I know how websites work from the inside-out and have spent the last decade learning more about WordPress and growing my business. I’m passionate about helping small businesses succeed the best way I know how: by giving them great websites that just work. We know that when we do a great job, you can rest easy knowing that your site is running beautifully and making you money. Our goal is that you can focus on actually running your business, free from website-related headaches.

      Over the coming months, I will be reaching out to each of you and introducing myself personally. I am looking forward to our future conversations and also to providing you with the same top-notch website hosting you’ve come to expect from Peter.

More Info:

We’ve put together an initial “PageCrafter Questions/Answers” page to get you up to learn more about the company and it’s services. If all this looks good to you, you may proceed to our PageCrafter Intake Form to initiate your website migration process. 

I love helping our clients understand how the internet works, how to do effective online marketing with your website, how to build an audience for new products and services, how to engage visitors, convert leads, and build a devoted web-based community. Your website should be deeply integrated into all your business processes. 

~ Peter Oakley, webmaster

Oakley Studio, LLC

Oakley Studio, LLC in Albuquerque, New Mexico

OUR MISSION: To provide a reliable, professional, complete, and personalized webmaster service at an affordable price, focused on your success.

Oakley Studio, LLC has been building successful business websites since 1996. We’ve gained a lot of expertise over the years and are happy to be sharing it with you. We can be your strategic partner for technical help, advice, consulting and strategic planning as your website becomes your business hub and your success builds over time. We hope you are very satisfied with our service and will be happy to recommend Oakley Studio to others. Nearly all our business is via word of mouth. 😀

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